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Welcome. At NETCoach Asia, we provide workshops, seminars, coaching and consultancy services for Web 2.0 and free/open software. Just what is Web 2.0 (also known as social media, read/write web, or participative web)? Check out Scott Gavin's visual and entertaining example of Web 2.0 within a multinational corporation. Here's a quick overview of the faces and rewards behind Web 2.0:

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Blog & Social Media workshops

"Very good class with a good balance between theory and hands on experience."

"The course is great. Learnt a lot and what's really good is the depth and hands on experience."

"Josephine was very patient and encouraging. She was very willing to let us tap on her wealth of knowledge and expertise. Thanks!!"

"Good course for one to learn web's new things."

"The course was interesting and useful."

"Hope to continue with future courses."

“Very useful tips, will really like to try it out and hope my co. website traffic will improve thereafter.”

“Very good introductory course into the world of web analytics.”

“Very informative… learning lots of new terms… easily processed visual information.”

“I have learnt a lot today; shortcuts to what I have been doing through longer surfing in net and blog. Definitely will help to improve in our work. Got to take time to digest and review and practise so as to be familiar with the features and to use them often.”

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